Birth control

Vagina – a tubular body having a length of 10-12 cm walls of the vagina are collected in the folds, so that during labor to expel the fetus (fetus is called a child in pregnancy and childbirth in the uterus) can stretch the vagina. After giving birth, the vagina will soon recover its shape. Go to the top of the vagina adjacent uterus. This is a muscular hollow organ, having a length of 7-8 cm, reminiscent of pear. During pregnancy, the fetus develops in the womb. The uterus is composed of two parts. The upper part of the uterus is called the body, the lower – the neck. The cervix appears at the top of the vagina. Inside the cervix is ??a channel having a diameter of 1-2 mm, the inside is lined with ciliated epithelium. Its external opening is called a royal throat, it opens into the vagina and filled with mucus. The thickness of the uterine wall about 2 cm uterine cavity is lined with mucous membrane, having a thickness of about 1 mm. Each month, this shell expands and thickens in preparation for the adoption of a fertilized egg. If fertilization does not occur due to birth control, then the lining is torn away – menstruating. These changes are influenced by hormones that are produced in the ovaries and occur regularly throughout the period when a woman is capable of fertilization. During pregnancy when the fetus develops the uterus, the body of the uterus is greatly increased in size and its mass is 20 times more than before pregnancy. The uterus during pregnancy increases in volume about 2,000 times. Ahead of the uterus is the bladder, behind it is the rectum. By birth control include the fallopian tubes, or oviducts. They are moving away from the top of the uterus. One pipe goes to the right, and another – to the left. Both fallopian tubes extend into the abdominal cavity. Each tube has a length of 12-15 cm and an inner diameter of approximately 1 mm. The inside wall of the fallopian tubes are covered with small villi. Once through the external opening of the pelvic cavity in the fallopian tube penetrates the egg, these hairs move in the direction of the uterine cavity. On both sides of the uterus in the abdominal cavity are the right and left ovaries, plum-shaped. In the ovaries alternately (one per month – on the right, another month – at left) is formed female germ cell, called the egg or the egg. In addition, the use of birth control in the ovary formed complex of biologically active chemical substances called hormones ovary. These chemicals go directly into the bloodstream, they need to start menstruating. Ovarian hormones also affect the formation of secondary sexual characteristics, including the development of mammary glands and adipose tissue deposition in the hips.

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