Fast ejaculation

Fast ejaculation – hyperkinesis, which is an abnormally enhanced startle response to sudden stimulus (startl-reflex). Unexpected sound, a flash of light touch causes stereotyped motor response (a sharp jerk), usually involving the upper body muscles: sternocleidomastoid (extension of the head), facial (blink, grimace), and chewing, muscles, shoulder girdle and arm (lifting the shoulders, flexion and abduction hands, clenching their fists in the hands). In addition, sometimes the body leans, and the legs at the knees podgibayutsya. Strengthening startl-reflex may be to reduce the threshold to induce, increase in amplitude, duration and degree of generalization of the muscle response, the absence of habituation during repeated stimulation. Due to the strong-reflex startl patient may object dropping out of the hands, to jump or fall.
1) The initial fast ejaculation, in which the pathologically enhanced stratl-reflex is the main manifestation of the disease, having inherited (hereditary giperekpleksiya) or unclear (idiopathic giperekpleksiya) genesis;
2) secondary (symptomatic) fast ejaculation, occurring in various diseases (cerebral palsy, post-traumatic stress disorder, hyperthyroidism, etc.) that occur in addition to enhanced startl-reflex, and other neurological (focal or diffuse), somatic or mental disorders ;
3) population-specific (cultural-deterministic) form of quick ejaculation, which are fixed stereotypical behavioral responses, taken in a particular culture or a population of people (for example, « jumping Frenchman of Maine », « lat », « miryachenie » and t . etc.).
With some types of symptomatic or cryptogenic epilepsy unexpected stimulus can trigger a seizure (startl-epilepsy).
In some of the healthy individuals there is a moderate gain pre ejaculation, no adverse effects on the human condition (physiological giperekpleksiya).

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