Buy abortion & pregnancy termination pill

Medical or as it differently name, non-surgical abortion – is the newest method of abortion without surgical intervention, using the drug Misoprostol (Generic Cytotec). This drug is the latest generation, developed and successfully used for medical abortion in early pregnancy from the first day of missed period – to 63-day delay is for up to 8 weeks.

The advantages of medical abortion:
-abortion can be performed at an early date, thus reducing the risk of serious hormonal imbalance;
-abortion is performed without surgical intervention. The woman just has to take under medical supervision pregnancy termination pill – Misoprostol;
-Misoprostol is a non-hormonal chemicals. Under its influence the uterine wall thinning and pregnancy can not develop further;
-uterus and the cervix is ​​not subjected to any mechanical stress, which eliminates the risk of injury;
-no need for anesthesia;
-abortion procedure takes a few minutes and requires no preparation;
-effects after a medical abortion is several times smaller than after any other abortion.

That the operation of abortion was successful, you must follow certain rules. First, do not delay an abortion for the last days of life. The sooner you seek medical attention, the better! Otherwise, there is a risk that Cytotec not have the desired result (since the fertilized egg to implant too much into the uterus), and will require additional curettage.
A woman wishing to terminate an unwanted pregnancy with Misoprostol, should visit a gynecologist three times and buy abortion pill.
On the first admission gynecologist diagnoses pregnancy using a rapid test or ultrasound (vaginal probe), as well as determine its duration. The doctor must make sure that pregnancy is not ectopic. If a woman received a confirmation of consent to the use of medical methods of abortion, she gets 3 pills Misoprostol, to be taken by mouth.

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