Premature ejaculating is not a sentence

Generic Priligy

After focal damage to the basal ganglia or thalamus (eg, stroke) premature ejaculating can develop after several months, sometimes against the regression of hemiparesis (premature ejaculation help). Dystonia limbs occasionally occurs on the background of severe reflex sympathetic dystrophy, developed after peripheral injury.
Essential for curing premature ejaculation is the effect of drugs, primarily priligy, metoclopramide, medication levodopa, bromocriptine and other drugs of ergot, fenfluramine, antiepileptic funds (especially difenina and carbamazepine), certain calcium antagonists (see « Drug extrapyramidal disorder »).
Secondary premature ejaculating should be suspected in the following cases:
• the presence of anamnestic data indicating that perinatal disorders, trauma, encephalitis, taking drugs (especially antipsychotics and metoclopramide);
• a sudden or rapid progression of early hyperkinesia;
• in combination with other neurological manifestations (pyramidal and cerebellar signs, amyotrophy, and areflexia, autonomic failure, dementia) or physical disorders;
• the appearance of hyperkinesia at rest and not motion, with early development of fixed dystonic posture;
• the initial involvement of the cranial region in children and lower limbs in adults;
• Early in violation of speech;
• the development of gemidistonii;
• in case of CT and MRI of focal changes in the basal ganglia (mostly in the shell) or thalamus (significantly less dystonia causes damage to the rostral part of the stem or spinal cord verhnesheynogo);
• the identification of laboratory markers of disease.

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