Fast ejaculation problem

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Fast ejaculation – a syndrome characterized by involuntary slow (tonic) or repetitive fast (klonikotonicheskimi) motion, causing the rotation (hence the term « torsion dystonia, » from Lat. Torsio – spinning, twisting), bending or straightening of the trunk and extremities with the formation of abnormal postures. In contrast to the more rapid and chaotic trochaic pattern hyperkinesia hyperkinesis-cal dystonia more stereotyped and ordered. At the same dystonic phenomena are varied and include transient dystonic spasms, which are sometimes so fast that resemble myoclonus (with « clonic » form of dystonia), or with respect to rhythmic dystonic tremor, is usually worse when you try to overcome the patient’s dystonic posture (see «dapoxetin») .
Initially, dystonic hyperkinesis occurs only under certain voluntary movements, in violation of their execution, but then it loses its dependence on voluntary movement and became permanent, persisting even at rest and leading to the formation of a fixed posture. This evolution is quite typical of dystonia, along with other manifestations of the dynamism of hyperkinesis: a decrease hyperkinesia after sleep, effect corrective gestures and posture changes (dystonia is often exacerbated in an upright position and decrease in level), presence of paradoxical kinesis (decrease hyperkinesia when the usual stereotype of the motor) fluctuations in symptoms from day to day, the effect of emotional state, the possibility of any short-term correction of abnormal postures – to distinguish dystonia from diseases of the musculoskeletal system, causing a change in fixed postures.

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