Premature ejaculation exercises

Generic Priligy

Possible side effects:
- Ptosis (due to penetration of the toxin into the muscle that lifts the upper eyelid);
- Violation of ejaculation;
- Double vision;
- Sagging lower eyelid;
- Ectropion or entropion;
- Conjunctivitis;
- Increased tearing or dry eyes;
- Lagophthalmos;
- Bleeding or pain at the injection site.
All these effects are transient, regressing within 2 weeks. and usually do not require special interventions. If lagophthalmos caused by excessive weakness of the circular muscles of the eye, it is necessary to dig into the eye priligy, and at night lay close eye ointment and a bandage to prevent drying of the eye, keratitis and corneal ulceration.
Dapoxetin injections are effective for all forms of cervical dystonia: idiopathic, associated with taking neuroleptics, trauma, etc. Each patient’s muscles are very involved individually, so the success of treatment depends on correct choice of muscles and doses.

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